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Welding on the cheap ?

Can't afford a welding machine ? No problem. Here is how to build an electric arc welding machine from an old microwaive ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTDx3sN2dhU
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Splitting Lanes (filtering) in Traffic

Totally makes sense !


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If I ever have to change a motorcycle tire on my own ....

That is how I'm going to do it.  The full procedure, from bead breaking to ballancing. Great vid ! 


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Ever complained about your mechanic ?

When you at some point of your life, you inevitably complain about your motorcycle, or car mechanic, consider this:

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I am mulling building a cafe racer ...

As I am considering building a cafe racer I am searching the internet, for stories, opinions and advice on which bike to pick as a donor and what to do with it.  Loved reading the story below:

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Capturing the meaning of the word "compulsion":

Adam Cramer works on vintage motorcycles. He said: "I don't have any money amd when I do I buy a motorcycle".


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Cheaper Oil Filters for Triumph Speed Triple 1050 ?

Got sick of paying $12.00 for the oil filter and did some research on the net about oil filters that are compatible with my Triumph Speed Triple 1050, 2006.

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Supermoto videos and thoughts

Always liked watching "supremoto" track videos and the drifting they do. Now after watching this I'm actually considering a "supermoto" capable bike:


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If you like "classic" motorcycles

If you like "classic" motorcycles, this short movie is for you. The music a bit melancholic, specially the last song, but all in all good video:


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Video of 1970 CL350 Honda Build

For all the wrenchers out there . Great vid and a great sound track. Enjoy !


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Malaysia and motorcycles

On my recent trip to Malaysia I noticed how locals treat their (mainly 125cc)  bikes. This are transportation tools. No "bling", no extras. Most bikes are road grime and grease flung .

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A misconception !

Just want to correct a misconception. Some people think that Triumphs are difficult to work on and that Honda's are made for easy service (a certain mechanic I know expressed that opinion).

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Tire pressure

Recently I have replaced my old Michelin Pilor Roads 2, with Michelin Pilot Pure's  and have been experimenting with different tire pressures.

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Triumph Speed Triple's - Dead Rectifier-Regulator-R/R, leads to a Dead Stator

Yesterday  as I finished refueling at the local gas station I turned the ignition on and upon hitting the starter button the engine turned over once and then I heard the dreaded "click, click,

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The dreaded lowside


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Quote by Shinya Kimura and yet another explanation of why I ride.

In search of a special kind of serenity, there are people who  straddle a hunk of metal on two rubber clad wheels, with exploding mix of  hydrocarbon fumes and air  propelling them f


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