2006 Honda Rebel Clutch

I have replaced my clutch basket recently and this vid. was of help (somewhat). A little light on details, but still big thank you to the author as thsi was better then nothing at all:

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How To Stop Noise from Timing Chain Honda CBR600 F4i

My friend's CBR engine was making a horrible noise anytime you'd rev it off idle.  We looked it up on the internet and found this video. Tried "unsticking" the tensioner and it worked.

Brake Fluid replacement and bleeding front brake on Honda Rebel 250

Noticed that the brake fluid was getting kind of brownish and bit low in a small window of the front brake fluid reservoir. So I decided to tackle this task on my own.

Remove Gas Tank on Honda Rebel 250

First I removed the passenger and the main seat. Described here:

Removing seats on Honda Rebel 250

A couple friends of mien asked me how to remove the seats on my trusty Rebel. Pretty easy procedure, so I thought I'd document it with some pictures I took in the process.

Honda Rebel 250 Carburetor removal and cleaning

I am planning on removing and cleaning my carburetor. Did a little googling and found this thread. Excellent pictures, description and discussion:

Checking and adjusting Valve Clearance Honda XR650L ( YouTube Video)

Basics of valve clearance check on Honda XR650L

Oil Change Honda Rebel 250

Changing oil on Honda Rebel is a fairly simple task.

Inline Fuel Filter addition to Honda Rebel 250

Every Honda Rebel forum is full of recommendations for adding inline fuel filter to the Rebel 250. Well, this kind of makes sense.

Honda Rebel 250 Battery Replacement

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Chain and Sprocket Replacement Honda Magna VF750C

Sprockets and chain replacement, including the chain breaking and a new master link installation

Honda Rebel 250 Oil Change

Look ma, no oil filter needed !  Seriously, probably the easiest motorcycle to maintain.

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Honda Rebel 250 Front Brake Pads Replacement

Found this post on Youtube. The sequence of the procedure is a little bit off, but hey, at least someone took the time to document the procedure and post it. Parts 1 2 and 3.

Part # 1

Valve Adjustment Honda Rebel 250

Tool list and pictures. Not much detail for the fist-timers, but if you have wrenched a little before, this should be sufficient.\

Youtube video:

Motorcycle Final Drive Chain Tension Adjustment on Honda CB750

Nice very detailed vid.

Part 1

Part 2

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Lubricate and adjust clutch cable on Honda Hornet

Lubricating and adjusting a Honda Hornet clutch cable

Video # 1

Video # 2

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Honda VFR Chain Replacement and Eccentric hub cleaning



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