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Oil Change Yamaha R6 2006

As thetitle says, it's oil change. Good vid with funny narration (NC17). 


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Yamaha Zuma 125 Oil Change

Well, with gas approaching $5.00 / gallon, I decided I need something cheap to get around town on. Yamaha Zuma fits the bill . 

How to remove and clean fuel float on 1983 Yamaha XJ900

Video's author wrote - "This video describes how to remove fuel tank and the fuel sending unit from gas tank on 1983 Yamaha XJ900.

How to change the oil on a Yamaha SR500

Informative and funny vid about how to change oil on Yamaha SR500.  Kudos to the author for great editing and funny narration !


Yamaha R1 Flywheel Removal

Flywheel removal on Yamaha R1,  sounds like a PIA procedure. Think I'll take my to the shop for that. Anyways here is the video. The guy sounds really frustrated:

Rear and front sprocket replacement on Yamaha XT225

The poster also replaced chain, but it's not documented in the videos. Other ways good detail on rear wheel removal and reassembling:


Yamaha XT225 Sprockets Part # 1

Yamaha R6 Head Gasket Replacement

interesting way of removing the engine from R6 ....


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Motorcycle Fork Oil Change on 1977 Yamaha RD400

The procedure is very similar for most  of the 1970's 1980's motorcycles.

Part  # 1


Part  #  2

Brake Pad Change 2005 Yamaha R1 Motorcycle

Well narrated front brake pads change for Yamaha R1. Too bad the video res. is a puny 240.


OES Sliders Install on an 07 R6

Well my order from OES Accessories came in, and I finally had time to install it! Very quickly too. I placed it on October 25 and it arrived on the 28th.


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Cleaning carburators on 1983 Yamaha XJ750 Seca

Excellent, very detailed description with photos about cleaning and rebuilding Yamaha Seca's 4 inline Hitachi carburetors:

Changing the oil of a motorcycle. 2009-2010 YAMAHA R1 + Installing a Frame slider

Here is an easy-to-follow how-to video clip for changing the oil.


Remove Fuel Tank and Change Air Filter Yamaha R1 07-08

It was time to change air-filter, so after searching for directions on web I found this link. Well illustrated and good directions.

Step 1: Remove Seat.


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