Remove Gas Tank on Honda Rebel 250

First I removed the passenger and the main seat. Described here:

Removing seats on Honda Rebel 250

A couple friends of mien asked me how to remove the seats on my trusty Rebel. Pretty easy procedure, so I thought I'd document it with some pictures I took in the process.

Honda Rebel 250 Carburetor removal and cleaning

I am planning on removing and cleaning my carburetor. Did a little googling and found this thread. Excellent pictures, description and discussion:

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Honda Rebel 250 Front Brake Pads Replacement

Found this post on Youtube. The sequence of the procedure is a little bit off, but hey, at least someone took the time to document the procedure and post it. Parts 1 2 and 3.

Part # 1

Valve Adjustment Honda Rebel 250

Tool list and pictures. Not much detail for the fist-timers, but if you have wrenched a little before, this should be sufficient.\

Youtube video:


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