2006 Honda Rebel Clutch

I have replaced my clutch basket recently and this vid. was of help (somewhat). A little light on details, but still big thank you to the author as thsi was better then nothing at all:

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Oil Change Yamaha R6 2006

As thetitle says, it's oil change. Good vid with funny narration (NC17). 


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Triumph Speed Triple 2006 Rear Hub and Cush Drive Bearing Replacement

This is my attempt at documenting Triumph Speed Triple 2006 Rear Hub and Cush Drive Bearing Replacement and Lubrication.

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Change Oil Suzuki SV650

Part 1 a little verbose. HD Video nice and sharp. Kudos to the kid who took the time to record, edit and post it on Youtube.

06 sv650 oil change how to part 1

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Cleaning Clutch Switch Triumph Speed Triple 2006

I was experiencing problem with  starting.

Brake Fluid replacement and bleeding front brake on Honda Rebel 250

Noticed that the brake fluid was getting kind of brownish and bit low in a small window of the front brake fluid reservoir. So I decided to tackle this task on my own.

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Radiator Flush and Coolant replacement - Speed Triple

Summer is here. So I decided to replace the coolant and while at it flush the radiator and the cooling system on my Triumph Speed Triple 1050 motorcycle. Before I started, I prepared:

Remove Gas Tank on Honda Rebel 250

First I removed the passenger and the main seat. Described here:

Removing seats on Honda Rebel 250

A couple friends of mien asked me how to remove the seats on my trusty Rebel. Pretty easy procedure, so I thought I'd document it with some pictures I took in the process.

Honda Rebel 250 Carburetor removal and cleaning

I am planning on removing and cleaning my carburetor. Did a little googling and found this thread. Excellent pictures, description and discussion:

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Replacing rear brake pedal Triumph Speed Triple 2006

My  rear brake pedal was bent after it came in contact with asphalt  when I lowsided the bike on a canyon run.

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Installing new Brake and Clutch Levers on Triumph Speed Triple 2006


Oil Change Honda Rebel 250

Changing oil on Honda Rebel is a fairly simple task.

Inline Fuel Filter addition to Honda Rebel 250

Every Honda Rebel forum is full of recommendations for adding inline fuel filter to the Rebel 250. Well, this kind of makes sense.

Honda Rebel 250 Battery Replacement

OES Frame Sliders and Spools Installation for 1999-2008 SV650

Awhile back I bought a new bike, that being a 2006 SV650S.

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Replacing Brake Fluid and Bleeding Front Brakes - Triumph Speed Triple 2006

The brake fluid in both, the front and rear brake fluid reservoirs, was nearing the "Min" levels and was turning a suspicious red / brown color.  The front brake lever was starting to feel spo

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Adjusting 1050 Valve Clearances

Very detailed description with pictures and the list of tools necessary to perform the valve clearence checks and adjustment.

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Oil Change Triumph Speed Triple


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Rizoma Zero 11, LED Turn Signal Installation on Triumph Speed Triple 2006 (Front)

So it's time to replace  front  stock blinkers.

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Removing Airbox on Triumph Speed Triple 2006

I had to remove the air-box on my Speed Triple, when I wanted to inspect and clean throttle bodies and also when I was doing the installation of Rizoma Zero 11 LED turn signals.

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Rizoma Zero 11, LED Turn Signal Installation on Triumph Speed Triple 2006 (Rear)

So it was time to replace my OEM turn lights. They were faded and the right side lights had a cracked lens from a parking lot tip over.

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Lubricate and adjust clutch cable on Honda Hornet

Lubricating and adjusting a Honda Hornet clutch cable

Video # 1


Video # 2


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Removing Fuel Tank on Triumph Speed Triple 2006

Tools I used:

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Installing OES Frame Sliders on Speed Triple 2006

I bought the 4 sliders (Combined Sets) at $99.00 + shipping .


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