Cleaning Clutch Switch Triumph Speed Triple 2006

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I was experiencing problem with  starting. With the ignition key on, the lights would come on, the instrument cluster would initilize,  the clutch lever in,  but when I thumbed the starter button, nothing would happen. I checked the battery voltage and it looked good with both ignition on and off. Then I realized that bike would start if I jiggled the clutch lever, which pointed to the clutch safety switch as the propable cause of the problem.

The switch is located on the left handlebar right at the start of the clutch lever. So when you pull the clutch lever in, it signals the ECU to enable the strater  button.  Below is the picture of the switch, where it seats at it's intended location.

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To remove the switch, I used a small, flat screwdriver to depress the plastic tab, which holds the switch in place. It is located BELOW the switch and is a bit awkward to reach. See picture below:

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Once I removed the switch  (see below), I used an electronic parts cleaner spray to clean it  outside and and inside while working the spring loaded pin and spraying the cleaner in to the connector.

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Once I cleaned the switch and plugged it back in (made sure there was an audible click  as I reinserted the connector in to it's place). I turned the ignition key on, pulled in the clutch lever and thumbed the starter button ... WROOM .. the motorcycle started on the first try.  I  tried the starting procedure a few more times and went for a ride. Problem solved.

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