Finding motorcycles while house hunting at

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  I was amazed at the number of home sellers that had an old and sometimes classic motorcycle parked insde their garages. Many of them willing to part with the old iron horse for nominal fee as long as you are buying their place.  I started my search at a localized  real estate search engine that specilizes in SE Florida and after picking a couple homes I wanted to see, I was contacted by a real estate agent and it was off to the races.  That first day I so 2 classics, both parked deep inside the garages of their well to do owners,  who seemed to be too old to ride. A classic BSA and Honda 350. 

  I was never a big fan of shopping, and house shopping fall in to this category, but now I am actually looking forward to visiting properties for sale as I never know which motorcycle I will discover hiding in the garage of it's owners. Thank you for my recent discoveris ! I am looking forward to more of them !


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