Honda Rebel 250 Carburetor removal and cleaning

I am planning on removing and cleaning my carburetor. Did a little googling and found this thread. Excellent pictures, description and discussion:

one more link here with great pics:


Then after seareching on YouTube, I found this:

My Rebel had this "falt" spot between 25% and 30% throttle position. It would almost totally lose power when cruising with throttle at this position. Above or below that it was running fine. So I decided to take a look at the carburetor. The chart below suggested an area I should look at: Namely the Needle and the Main Nozzle.

Excellent carburetor troubleshooting resource


this is a work in progress, so  I am going to post pictures first then the descriptions of the tasks.

First things first of course. In order to get to the carburetor, i had to remove the seats and the tank. This procedures are described here:

Seats removal:

Tank removal:

Next I removed the covers from the air -filter compartment and the air-filter itself to facilitate the access to the carburetor

Below - removing external air-filter compartment cover

Click Iamge to Zoom

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Removing internal air-filter compartment  cover:

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Once I removed both covers  I could see the orange / red  air-filter. I  remove it before continuing to work on the carburetor.

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More  picture and the descriptions will get posted as I work on this HowTo.

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