How do i grease the rear bearing on a Triumph speed triple 955i 2003?


I took my bike in to get the throttle cable changed a little while ago and i was chatting to the mechanic who said that a common problem with the speed triples is the rear bearings can sieze up and that i should grease the rear bearing every 10k miles. I have searched on forums trying to find out how to do it but haven't found anything. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance


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The design of the rear swing

The design of the rear swing arm hasn't changed much through the years. Some people simply lube the needle bearing, while the otehrs remove, replace all the bearings.

Take a look at the links below:

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+05 Rear Wheel Bearing Inspection and Lubrication

Rear hub bearing replacement

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You guys should check out

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alternatively you can take a

alternatively you can take a look at the motohowto post I created (all the pics are in and I'm  still editing the text):


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