Inline Fuel Filter addition to Honda Rebel 250

Every Honda Rebel forum is full of recommendations for adding inline fuel filter to the Rebel 250. Well, this kind of makes sense. Specially after hearing about plugged up carburetors and  poster's lamenting about numerous attempts at carburetor cleanings.

So I went to Autozone and bought a generic fuel filter that I thought might fit in to the fuel line. BTW, it's 1/4" line connector size. I also got some fuel line clamps to make sure that filter isn't going to vibrate itself out on a long ride. See picture below:

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I was easy as 1-2-3

1) Turned the petcock  (fuel switch) in to the OFF position (I didn't want to take a bath in the unleaded fuel)

2 ) Spliced the line (I used a wire cutter) and placed the clamps on the both ends of the line.

3) inserted the fuel filter, while paying attention to the arrow showing the correct direction of the fuel flow.

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Tightened the clamps and voila !!!! A fuel  filter inline installed, guarding my precious Rebel's carburetor from all the junk that might be swirling in  the cheap gas I might buy somewhere sometime.

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