Installing OES Frame Sliders on Speed Triple 2006

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I bought the 4 sliders (Combined Sets) at $99.00 + shipping .

Picked 2" diameter - radius cut, instead of default 1 3/4 (I figured more surface area is a good thing). The order went smooth and the sliders arrived within 3 days of ordering. Well packaged and labeled with "Left Front", "Left Rear", "Right Front", "Right Rear".

Easy order placement process, excellent communications and prompt shipping - the order arrived within 3 days.  
Overall doing business with OES was a very positive experience. Recommended them to my friends and will buy other bike protection products from them when budget allows.

Wrapped and Labeled

BTW, the tool choice in the installation instructions is wrong / outdated:

Here is what you'd really need to install the sliders on S3-2006.

Ratchet Wrench ( 3/8 or 1/2 drive) - to remove the original bolts
Torque wrench to install and torque to spec the slider bolts
Wrench extension (for the right-front slider)
T55 Torx Driver - for the old bolts
10mm HEX Driver - for the slider bolts
17mm combination wrench

I didn't have the 17mm combo wrench and instead used an adjustable one. Do yourself a favor and get the right tools for the job. It was a b!tch trying to get the adjustable in to the tight spots between the frame and the engine / headers. (see below)



The sliders look like they are well made with metal inserts and looks are as good as the products priced at double of their price (results below ) .

Right Side

Left Side



A short update. When I installed slider bolts I torqued them to 30lb/ft (as specified in OES directions and the Triumph service manual).
It felt really "too light" when I was installing the sliders, so I decided to set the torque-wrench to 45lb/ft (even that felt a but flimsy).
Today I noticed 2 of the 4 sliders working them-selfs lose. So I re-torqued everything to 60lb/ft. It feels solid, yet I don't feel like I over torqued the bolts. If anyone has similar experience, or feedback, please share.

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More pictures

Could you post a few more pictures, so I could see the install blow by blow ?


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Sure, will post more pics

Sure, will post more pics when I get some time.

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Thank you for posting your

Thank you for posting your installation guide for our sliders. We have taken note of and revised the outdated information within the installation instructions. We recently switched to the socket head bolts and forgot to update the instructions. We also just recently started applying decals with our logo on the sliders. They have some yellow in them similar to your bike's color, so they would match up nicely. Let me know if you would like some and I will mail them to you.

Addressing the torque issues you had with the sliders, it is possible that the sliders can spin independently of the 6061 spacers in the sliders, which will give the impression that the sliders are loose. We machine the spacers to tolerances that allow a light press fit, so as not to stress the Delrin too much. The performance of the slider is in no way affected by the slider turning independently of the spacer. Thank you again for the post- please feel free to contact us in the future if you have any concerns with the kit.


Noah Hendrix


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Hey, you'r welcome. I have

Hey, you'r welcome. I have also posted a good review of your product on a couple of the forums I frequent. Hope you got some biz. from that as you def. make good product  and sell it at decent price.  Thanks for the free decal offer, but I like my sliders black. Wouldn't mind a fork slider thou  :-).

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OES dudes. Today your sliders

OES dudes. Today your sliders saved my bike's hide (well most of it). I posted the pictures and the description here and looks like it got you a new customer.  Just my way of thanking you for the well made product.


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