A misconception !

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Just want to correct a misconception. Some people think that Triumphs are difficult to work on and that Honda's are made for easy service (a certain mechanic I know expressed that opinion). Well, BULL#$%^ ! I just finished changing oil, and replacing the clutch plates on my wife's Honda Rebel. It was not "fun". Who in the their right state of mind would put a an oil drain screw where it's placed on Honda Rebel ? Check out this MotoHowto:


Or look at this YouTube Video and note how difficult it is to reach a part that requires periodic maintenance . What were the Honda designers thinking ?


Really .... WTF ????? They even added a little rubber flap as an after thought, so the oil doesn't go spraying all over exhaust pipe when you drain it. Clutch plate ? YOU NEED a SPECIAL tool to remove a nut that holds clutch basket together. So if anyone ever tells you that "Japanese bikes are easy to work on" you can call them on that "bull@#$@".


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