OES Frame Sliders and Spools Installation for 1999-2008 SV650

Awhile back I bought a new bike, that being a 2006 SV650S. It was the first bike I've owned that had never been dropped, and I want it to stay that way, but just in case, I bought some insurance.

A "Frame Sliders and Spools Combo Set" from OES Accessories.


The set only set me back 54 bucks (now $59.99 at the link above). I ordered the 2'' diameter with an angle cut and in black. I thought the angle cut would go better with the 2nd gen SV's frame (and it does!), the other option is a radius end cut, and it kinda looks like the end of a rollerskate wheel. A lot of good information can be found at the OES FAQ page here http://www.oesaccessories.com/FAQpage.html.

Now to the sliders! They arrived at my house relatively quickly, I'm used to ordering stuff online and was surprised when it got here so fast! They came packaged well also, wrapped up all tight in bubble wrap!The quality is also very nice; no rough edges and the metal inserts were seated flush and everything looked great.

Let's begin! Now, I began my installation with reading the instructions that OES provided specifially for the SV.

The instructions stated...

Tools you will need (for the sliders):
2 Ratchets
2 Extensions
17mm Deep and Regular Sockets
19mm Deep and Regular Sockets

For the spools, all you need is an allen wrench that'll fit (I want to say it was an 6mm, maybe 8).

Yeah, you need this stuff. I ended up using a 3/4 socket at one point, which I will explain later.

You may also want:

A torque wrench, a breaker bar, and some cheap thread locker.

First things first, locate the engine bolt that runs all the way through the frame. It's highlighted in this informative picture!


Now that you found it, stick your socket on it! I first loosened the nut (on the right side, instructions stated left) by using a 17mm socket and  my muscles, it was on really tight so I grabbed a hold to the frame and pretended to be Hulk Hogan (not recommended, use a breaker bar if you have to) . Once it was loosened a bit,I had a friend hold the right side nut with one of the 17mm sockets  while I went at it on the left with the other 17mm socket and ratchet.

The bolt coming out, a little rustier than I thought it would be...


Now that the bolt is out, you can begin putting the sliders on! Now, the instructions were a little unclear on where to put the 2 washers that came with the sliders and the new bolt, but I'm assuming they go INSIDE each of the sliders, rather than between the slider and the frame. I mocked up a quick draft of how it should be assembled in line. The left slider is the one with the larger base, and the right has the smaller base.

Just slide the bolt through a washer and the left slider, then insert the bolt through the original hole and it'll pop out the other side. Once it's through, put the right slider over the bolt, followed by a washer and the nut (a little bit of thread locker won't hurt)

Had an automotive engineer put this together for all of ya, using his fancy programs and whatnot.


To tighten the sliders on there, you need to hold the bolt on the left side with a 19mm socket, and then tighten the nut on the right side with another 19mm socket. I frankensteined up some extensions with a 3/4 on the end for the right side because I only had one 19mm thinwalled sockets (old automotive sockets won't work, they're too fat to fit into the slider).



If you use  a torque wrench (which I did), the instructions say to torque to 40 ft/lbs which seems about right, gone about 1k miles with them so far and neither are loose.


These here are the spools, they go on your swing arm.


They're so cute! They come with little hex bolts, I used either a 6mm or 8mm allen wrench. All you have to do is put the bolts through the spools, and then onto the swing arm! There's a little tab right near the axle just for them!


Here's a diagram with helpful arrows and colors. Follow the green dashed line!


I used a little bit of thread locker here too, just incase. I havn't used them to lift up the rear end yet, but they seem nice a strong so I'm happy!


This combo set is a great deal for the protection and piece of mind in brings you. I havn't dropped the bike yet, and I hope I never really do, but I'm confident in the quality of these sliders and spools. They're very rigid and and actually kinda purdy with the little OES sticker strip on them. The installation is fairly easy if you have the tools, and the instructions were helpful. When I buy another bike, I'll definitely pick up a pair for it too, OES has earned a spot in my bookmarks!





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Nice bike!   Just wondered

Nice bike!   Just wondered how tall is your bike?   I'm looking for a bike and I'm only 5' 3" tall. 

Thanks! It's not the most

Thanks! It's not the most friendliest bike for shorter people, but you could easily have a shop install a lowering kit and buy an aftermarket seat (the seat alone could lower it an inch). The oem height with a stock seat is about 31.5 inches. My inseam is about 32 inches and I can't totally flat foot it (I'm 5''9).  If you call up a dealer they can tell you if it's possible for somone of your height/inseam. For SV's, just head on over to SVrider.com and search some stuff up/ask questions about making it a nice height for you. If it's your first bike though, I'd suggest something a little smaller, maybe a 250 or 500, just my opinion. Good luck!

Yes, it's my first bike.  

Yes, it's my first bike.   Thank you for the great advice!  I'll definitely do what you recommended............thanks again

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Very nice write-up! Please

Very nice write-up! Please send me an email through our website so we can enter you in our contest for the month of September.

Noah Hendrix


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Although jonmo89 was the only

Although jonmo89 was the only entry for the installation how-to contest for the month of September, we have awarded him with a refund for the purchase price of his order for posting such a thorough explanation of the installation. As stated before, this contest will continue for the rest of the year with a member being declared each month. Congratulations jonmo89 and thank you for your participation!


Jonmo89, CONGRATULATIONS on your winning !

Please tell your fellow riders about OES Accessories and the  http://www.motohowto.com/, so they too can contribute to this site and participate in the OES Accessories sponsored  contest.


Thank you OES1 and

Thank you OES1 and motohowto.com! I received my refund a few days ago, and have already spent it on more stuff for my bike! I'm still very satisfied with the sliders and spools, and recommend them to anyone who's in the market. Your company not only creates quality products, but also exhibits excellent customer service. I know I sound like some sort of salesman, but I'm just genuinely pleased with your product and prices.



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