Oil Change Honda Rebel 250

Changing oil on Honda Rebel is a fairly simple task. One thing to point out; I wish that whoever designed the location of the oil drain screw, would made to change oil on Honda Rebel motorcycles 50 times a day for the next 5 years. This would make that person think in terms of "maintenance convenience" and "easy parts access". You'll see what I mean in the pictures below. I needed the following for the oil change: 1) About 1 1/2 quarts of 10w-40 motorcycle oil. 2) Ratchet wrench 3) socket extension 4) 17mm socket 5) low profile (bike sits pretty low) pan / container to drain the old oil in to (I used an old salad container). 6) Another empty container to collect the used oil in to be used for drop off at the local Autozone store for recycling. 7) Rags to wipe your hands and to be placed underneath the motorcycle so as not to stain the driveway.

In the picture below are all the tools I needed:

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I run the engine for a couple minutes to circulate the oil and warm it up a little, but not too hot (I didn't want to work with a scalding hot engine and oil ).

Two pictures below show how to get to the oil drain bolt with a 17mm socket and extension

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View from the bottom of the oil pan

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Ready to loosen the oil drain bolt

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Once the drain bolt is lose enough to be removed by hand, I removed the socket and unscrewed it with my fingers making sure that oil container is in the position to catch the oil.

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Make sure not to drop the bolt and the washer in to the used oil pan.

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Once most of the oil has drained I set the emergency engine shut off switch in to OFF position, turned the ignition on and hit the starter button to rotate the engine a couple times (about 2 seconds) to fling off the old oil from the cams and the shaft. Then I sat on the motorcycle and straghtened out and shook it a little side to side and then put it back on the side stand and I noticed more old black oil running down in to the drain pan.

I left the bike for another 20 minutes to totally drain the old oil, then replaced the oil drain screw, finger tightened first and then tightened it with a wrench+extension+17mm socket combination to factory torque spec (18 ft/lbs).  Then I refilled the bike with a new oil (using a funnel).

Added the first quart pretty fast, then another half quart slower, testing the oil level 3 or 4 times towards the end as I didn't want to overfill my Rebel. It's such PIA, to have to drain the overfilled oil.

Once the distick showed "full" on the oil level part, I replaced the dipstick, set the engine shut off switch to "ON", turned the ignition to on and started the bike. Left it to idle for two minutes and then  turned it off. Waited 2 more minutes and checked the oil level again.  Everything looked fine and my Rebel is ready ride.  The oil cost me $15.00. The local motorcycle shop quoted me $50 for oil change.  CACHING !!!

Here is what the old oil looked like:

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