Quote by Shinya Kimura and yet another explanation of why I ride.

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In search of a special kind of serenity, there are people who  straddle a hunk of metal on two rubber clad wheels, with exploding mix of  hydrocarbon fumes and air  propelling them forward at tunnel vision inducing speeds.  Chances are that  you, a reader  this blog, is one of this people.

A few days ago, I stumbled over a YouTube video about  custom motorcycle builder -  Shinya Kimura. He spoke about what it feels like to ride a motorcycle. What he said, resonated with me, and so  I want to share it here:

" It feels nothing like, how violent it looks from the outside. It's very serene. The ground and the sky are so white. There is no boundary between them." - Shinya Kimura

Here is the original video:



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