Removing Airbox on Triumph Speed Triple 2006

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I had to remove the air-box on my Speed Triple, when I wanted to inspect and clean throttle bodies and also when I was doing the installation of Rizoma Zero 11 LED turn signals.

First I had to remove the fuel tank of course. Here is the write up on that :

Worth noting, that whenever I remove fuel tank I always disconnect and remove battery to prevent short circuits and other electrical accidents.

With the fuel tank out of the way I could see the airbox.

Speed Triple's Airbox

First I disconnected the two electrical connectors. One close to the center top and the other to left side.

Two electrical connectors on the airbox

Then I  removed the screw in the center of the airbox (magnetic screwdriver helps) and the two bolts at the rear bottom of the airbox which hold it attached to the frame bracket.

Airbox center screw

Lower bracket airbox bolt #1 & #2

Then it was time to disconnected various hoses that are attached to the airbox.
Front hose connection:

Hose - front of the airbox

Once the center screw is out, the two rear bolts and the  front hose removed, I remove the Secondary Air Injection (SAI) valve off the little tongue on the airbox (see below)

move SAI valve off the airbox

Then I lift the air-box off the throttle bodies. Have to put a little muscle in to lifting it, as it is sitting tight on top of the throttle bodies, yet at the  same time I had to be careful not to reap out the hoses that are still attached to it (see below).

Once the airbox pops off the throttle bodies, I could see the rest of the hoses attached to the airbox.

Hose on the Left bottom corner

Hose on the Left bottom corner - airbox

Hose that plugs in to the electrical  sensor on the left side of the air-box

Electrical sensor hose on the left side

Right bottom corner of the airbox has another hose attached.

Right bottom corner hose of the airbox


That was it for the hoses and the airbox comes right off after that (I marked the hoses,w when I removed the airbox first time as it is easy to forget  reconnecting one of them, or  to forget where everything goes).

With airbox  out of the way I have access to the throttle bodies, wiring harness, throttle cables, spark plugs, throttle body balance screws, turn signal wires, and a slew of other goodies about which I'll be writing about in the future.

Access to Throttle Bodies, Wiring, Throttle cables - Airbox out of the way

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You are welcome. If this

You are welcome. If this "MotoHowTo"  helped you, consider contributing a small HowTo story of your own.

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Hey Matt,sorry about the late

Hey Matt,

sorry about the late reply, I just got back in to town.

When replacing the airbox:

I usually apply a very  thin layer of silicone grease (VERY THIN LAYER) on to the 3 rubber connectors on the bottom of the airbox  which end up sliding  on to the  throttle bodies. Then I place the airbox over the throttle bodies and connect all the hoses and sensors to the airbox.  

Then gently press down, untill i feel the pop as the airbox settles in to it's place and the throttle bodies enter the airbox openings (silicone grease is to lubricate the rubber openings). Hope this makes sense.


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are you referring to item #

are you referring to item # 26,26, 27, 29 ?


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