Removing Fuel Tank on Triumph Speed Triple 2006

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Tools I used:

1. Siphon Pump
2. Screwdriver or a wrench with T-25 size bit / socket - used to remove the front tank bolt and the side tank bolts
3. An 8mm socket and 10mm wrench to remove the tank's rear mounting assembly.
4. A needle-nosed pliers, or a small flat-head screwdriver to extract  the fuel pump electrical connector.

I always drain the fuel from the tank before I remove it. It's so much easier to remove and put the tank back when it's empty. Trying to remove and install tank that is full with fuel and hence heavy ,is not fun. I used the siphon pump below since I hate the taste of unleaded gasoline.



It took a few minutes to drain the fuel as the tube is fairly thin:

Draining the fuel tank


I removed the seat by unlocking the seat lock with the ignition key



Removed the terminals from the battery (since this involves disconnecting and connecting electrical wiring) .



Unscrewed and removed the top bolt, being careful not to drop the washers and the sleeve that goes over the bolt. 


A mental note: before moving the tank use something to grab a hold of and remove the rubber washer between the tank and the frame, or it will fall in to the motorcycle innards necessitating a "fishing expedition" (see below)


Rubber Washer that falls inside if you don't remove it before moving the tank.


Unscrewed and removed side bolts (left and right side of the motorcycle)


Then it was time to remove the back bolt assembly. I used a ratchet with 8mm socket on one side and wrench 10mm on the other side (other ways the bolt or  the nut would just rotate in place).



Remove the bolt and the rubber inserts (so they don't fall out and get lost )

fuel tank rear bolt assembly

This are the rubber inserts

bolt and the rubber inserts


Then it was time to disconnect the:
1. Breather and overflow hoses (have to remember where each attaches)
2 Fuel line
3 Fuel pump electrical connector. It's usually so tight that I can't get it out with my fingers only, so I use needle nosed pliers to push the latch in and then push the connector  until it starts to slide out. It's an awkward process as this are short and the tank is not very stable, when it is not attached to the frame (glad I emptied the fuel). It's really easy to scratch the tank, So I'm taking my time here.

Fuel, breather and overflow hoses (mental note - remember where they attach)

Pressing the buttons on the sides of the fuel line connector to remove it, or reconnect it.
fuel line connector

I'm using pliers to push out fuel pump electrical connector

fuel pump electrical connector


On reassembly I always remind my self  NOT TO CROSS THREAD the front ,or  the side screws or ELSE:

repairing a cross thread is not fun

The new screw I had to buy as the old one was stripped. Triumph part number T3330876


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Hey Michael,Same thing

Hey Michael,

Same thing happened to me a few month ago,  when I left my tank off the bike for 2 days. My speed triple's tank is a plastic one (i'm assuming yours is as well?) , and I guess it deformed enough during the two days of being dismounted ( got "longer").  I was able to mount it back by loosening the pivot bolt and carefully pushing the tank back towards the battery compartment as I threaded the front bolt in to place. A note: have to BE CAREFUL to not cross-thread the front bolt (don't ask me how do I know).


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