Rizoma Zero 11, LED Turn Signal Installation on Triumph Speed Triple 2006 (Front)

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So it's time to replace  front  stock blinkers.  Rizoma Zero 11's were winking at me from the shelf where they were sitting for past month after arriving from PJ's (great place to buy by the way). 

If you need to buy an after market accessory for your bike def. consider  contacting PJ. Great  PERSONAL service and competitive prices.


After looking at the wiring of the existing signal I realized that to do it right, I"ll have to remove the tank and the airbox. Which I did. The howto  for the tank removal is here:

Then it was time to remove the air-box. The howto for that is below:

Removing tank and airbox provided me with a full access to the wires from both turn signals and their connections to the harness. Of course I could just cut the wires next to the stock turn signals and solder in the new one's but, that would be ugly not to mention, no fun !

Right under the airbox towards the front part of the bike I located the OEM turn signal connectors. They look gunky and greasy, propably from being packed with dialectric grease at the factory.

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I removed the original turn signals along with radiator cowers.

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I unpacked the turn signals and got ready to do install them in place of the old one's.

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Oh yes, I did ad on an addtional shrink wrapping towards the end of the signals, which necessitated the connector removal and reinstall  (see the post for the rear one's as I don't want to repeat my self).

Reinstall was easy, except it's a little tight for the counter nut and the need to hold it in place (difficult to fit in a wrench or a socket).

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I was time to cut the orgianl connectors from the harness and solder in the voltage regualators for the Rizoma signals. Don't need the load resistiors since I upgraded to a relay that would flash nnormally with LED signals.

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Then I clipped off the connectors from the voltage regulator.

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Time to solder things together remember ing the polarity. Unlike the regualr turn signal bulb, LED cares which side is "+" and which side is " - ".

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By the way installing the right signal was a bear because of the clamp on the radiator hose was getting in the way. I had to loosen it and turn it around, out of the way.  Mental note, DON'T FORGET to re-tighten that clamp unless you want hot coolant fluid spewing all over you and your bike when you go for a ride.

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With both voltage regulators soldered in and insulation tape applied to the exposed soldered joints I tie wrapped the whole thing to the main harness.



Tested the turn signals (MENTAL NOTE - do not turn ignition on without reconnecting your airbox and fuel tank electrical connectors, or you'll trigger an engine check light (I do have a laptop with TuneECU software and a cable which allows me to clear the fault codes).

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The lights worked, so I replaced the airbox and the fuel tank and went for a ride.

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The Rizoma's stems are

The Rizoma's stems are actually shorter then the stockers.  Not sure if you could  take the stems off  and flush mount them. Probably possible, but the thought never occurred to me. Which Triumph do you ride ?

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Fork mounts .. should look

Fork mounts .. should look interesting ! Would love to see it.  Post some pictures when you get a chance, or write a short how-to.

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Cool ! Looking forward to

Cool ! Looking forward to seeing  your blinker  mod !

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Ever done the mod. with the

Ever done the mod. with the Rizoma blinkers you posted about ? Any pictures to post ?


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